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Thursday, March 17


Thursday March 17, 2016 8:30am - 9:30am
Lobby The Westin Pune


Welcome Note
Thursday March 17, 2016 9:30am - 9:35am
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune


Fire-side Chat: Kailash Katkar in conversation with Sanjay Mehta
avatar for Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta

Angel Investor, Technology Evangelist
Sanjay Mehta founded MAIA Intelligence. The company is in enterprise application software product for business intelligence and data visualization. It is written about in media, analyst’s reports and winner of several awards due to innovative engineering in visualizing data. Prior to that Sanjay Mehta was MD and founder of Udyog Software India Ltd. He successfully exited this venture when a US based company wanted to enter in India markets... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 9:35am - 10:00am
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune


Driving Digitization for Scalable Growth

Today, we see pioneering enterprises beginning to do just that-but they are doing far more than just flexing their digital muscles. They are fundamentally changing the way they look at themselves; leading enterprises are quickly mastering the shift from "me" to "we." They are stretching their boundaries by tapping into a broad array of other digital businesses, digital customers, and even digital devices at the edge of their networks. Leaders eager to drive change are using this broader digital ecosystem to place bets on a grand scale. These forward-thinking companies are looking to shape entire markets and change the way we work and live.

While organizations are taking advantage of digital technologies, a key factor is scalability. Many established firms have taken advantage of digital disruption by realizing the power of technology and developing new business models to unleash hidden value. This approach has meant they have grown exponentially in terms of growth, profits, and high market capitalization-gains that have been invested back into new digital ecosystems. Today, there is an opportunity for players across the ecosystem to aggressively pursue such exciting digital business models and build for scalable growth.

In this regard, the speaker will take you through real-life examples during the digitization journey that he has charted for scalable growth.

avatar for KV Dipu

KV Dipu

Vice President - Operations, SBI Cards (Joint Venture between GE Capital and State Bank of India)

Thursday March 17, 2016 10:00am - 10:15am
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune


Adjacent Opportunities with the Smartphone Architecture

Smartphone platform is applicable in multitude of adjacent areas like Digital Health, Data Center and Automobile.

Learn about new product opportunities in the upcoming sectors.

avatar for Varsha Tagare

Varsha Tagare

Senior Director, Qualcomm Ventures
Varsha is a senior director with Qualcomm Ventures, based in Mumbai. She currently manages investments in AppsDaily, Apalya, Birds Eye Systems, Housing.com and Kirusa. Prior to her current role, Varsha was at Intel Capital investing in US and Indian companies. Some of her investments include companies such as JAMDAT (mobile gaming IPO on NASDAQ), Mobile365 (SMS platform acquired by Sybase), Pollex (Linux co. in China acquired by Mediatek... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 10:15am - 10:30am
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune


Morning Tea Break
Thursday March 17, 2016 10:40am - 11:00am
Lobby The Westin Pune


Competing in the Age of the Customer
In this talk, Dr. Ranjit Nair, will talk about the use of Big Data, Analytics and Social Media Analytics, in particular, by enterprises to become more customer centric in terms of their products, services, campaigns and communication.

avatar for Dr. Ranjit Nair

Dr. Ranjit Nair

Founder and CEO, Germin8
Dr. Ranjit Nair is the CEO of Germin8. He is passionate about helping companies and consumers derive value through analytics. Ranjit is a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California where he focused on decision making in multi-agent teams. Post his doctorate, he worked as Senior Research Scientist with Honeywell Labs, developing algorithms for decision making in the face of imprecise and incomplete data. In his spare... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hall 2 The Westin, Pune


Agile UX for Lean Startups

The path down the journey of building a product is fraught with perils. You wonder ”Will we succeed…will we survive?”. With limited resources and infrastructure you struggle to drive adoption, conversion and other objectives. In today’s jungle, differentiation through UX is imperative. This may not be just relevant for adoption, but for saving significant project cost. Building success through UX design is not easy. It requires a user-centered design process. But, how does this process  work in the context of lean and agile product startups? Join us in this workshop to find out.

The workshop will balance academic discourse with practical learning through exercises. It will aim to cover the following areas:

  • UX = Business Success
  • UX Design Process
  • Challenges for Lean Startups
  • Crawl, walk, sprint!
  • Frugal in Research
  • Lite - Design
  • MVP and other Experiments
  • Iterative Testing
  • Deliverables to UX objects

avatar for Amber Krishan

Amber Krishan

VP Advance UX, Human Factors International
Amber has in-depth expertise and vast experience in areas such as innovation, design management, web/desktop/mobile interface design, user experience, usability and applied research. Amber has also been invited as guest speaker at several events such as UPA chapter event in Connecticut, USA; Microsoft - Nokia Windows 7 Roadshow in Mumbai and Hyderabad, India and IAMAI Appfest in IIM Ahmedabad, India.

Thursday March 17, 2016 11:00am - 1:00pm
Hall 3 The Westin Pune


HR Clinic
avatar for C Mohan

C Mohan

Founder ,CEO, AdStringO Software
Mohan, Founder CEO is a Global and Indian CIO 100 Honoree and has over 19+ years of Technology SME Experience of which he spent more than 12+ years Executive IT Management Experience in overseas and India. | Mohan is also Founder CEO of AdStringO Software World’s Fastest End-Point Image, Audio, Video & PDF Compression. He has conceived the adStringO product idea along with the key solutions he developed in Cloud and Mobility space... Read More →
avatar for Dhruvil Sanghvi

Dhruvil Sanghvi

CEO, Loginext Solutions
Dhruvil Sanghvi serves LogiNext as the CEO and has been recognized as one of the youngest and fastest growing startup CEOs in India. He has previously worked with Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young Technology Advisory. He has extensive experience of advising a variety of Fortune 500 companies, starting from logistics companies to state and federal governments, on how to convert Big Data into intelligence. Dhruvil was on the core team of... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 11:00am - 1:00pm
Renew The Westin Pune


Demystifying the Intellectual Property (IP) puzzle – Facts and Challenges
  • The importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for start-up and emerging companies:
    • The different forms of IP that could be associated with a company – Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights
    • The importance of protecting IP – India and globally
    • Why should the companies not neglect their potential IP strength?
    • Challenges in creating IP awareness and India’s current standing in the Global IP race
  • Startup Intellectual Property Program (SIPP):
    • What all was announced at the SIPP unveiling?
    • Potential advantages to small and emerging companies from the SIPP
    • Strengthening your IP using the SIPP
  • Conclusion:
    • Steps to be taken immediately to ensure IP awareness and IP portfolio building
    • How Legal Industry can help in making it easier
  • Q&A

avatar for Amit Koshal

Amit Koshal

Patent Attorney - Head IPR, Legasis
Amit is an Electronics and Communication Engineer, a Registered Patent Agent,and a Law Graduate from Faculty of Law, Delhi University. He started his career asa Patent Engineer with Motorola (India) in June, 2006. As a Patent Engineer, hiscore job was to Search, Draft, and Prosecute Patent Applications in accordancewith US jurisdiction in the field of semiconductors, antennas, mobilecommunication, software, and the like. He was trained by... Read More →
avatar for Suhas Tuljapurkar

Suhas Tuljapurkar

Partner, Legasis Partners
Suhas Tuljapurkar is the Managing Partner of Legasis Partners, a law firm having offices in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. He is also founder director of Legasis Services Pvt. Ltd., a legal support services provider (including IT-enabled legal support services), having global delivery centre at Pune. | Having worked as in-house counsel with Dabhol Power, Enron, Hindustan Unilever, Essar Group, Fiat and others, and then as Managing Partner of a law firm... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 11:00am - 1:00pm
Hall 1 The Westin, Pune


Building a scalable Big-Data system for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a network where everyday objects around you are embedded with sensors, computing power, software and connectivity. Every ‘thing’ has a unique identity and can freely exchange information with people and with each other, resulting in a new wave of intelligent products and services for the future.

IoT is a culmination of advancement of technology in various fields. New low power, high compute, low cost chips with higher-order operating systems  and programming language support is simplifying and democratising the way in which connected, intelligent hardware is being built. The emergence of the cloud has simplified the process of scaling up compute and storage on demand. Emerging big data technologies and NoSQL databases have made the process of ingesting and processing unstructured data simpler.

This talk will cover what it takes to have a system ready for IoT. It will cover recent advances in IoT ready hardware and chipsets and what is fundamentally different about them. It will talk about security implications of connecting things. It will talk about scaling systems to deal with  the volume, velocity and variety that IoT data entails. The talk will also cover how to mine streaming device data in near-real time to gain insights as well as applying big data analytics and machine learning techniques on this information to gain insights from device data. 

avatar for Ranjit Nair

Ranjit Nair

CTO, Altizon
Entrepreneur with a focus on Big Data and the Internet of Things. Currently co-founder and CTO of Altizon, a company focused on these areas. | | Ranjit has domain experience in Data Center Automation, Storage and Cloud Management. Ancillary interests include User Experience and Design, User Interfaces and Data Visualization.Ranjit also has a Strong understanding of the end-to-end product development lifecycle. Experience in working with... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Hall 2 The Westin, Pune


Thursday March 17, 2016 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Lobby The Westin Pune


Going Against All Odds - building security product company in India

Cyber security environment in India is fast changing due to growing realisation of threats of cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes.  With new digital initiatives the focus on cyber security gained enormous attention and interest. The security companies are understanding the underneath need, focusing in security monitoring, identity governance and administration, mobile and cloud security governance, advanced threat defence, application security, security policy and product development. Although, security industry in India is at nascent stage, but have also shown a great potential in recent past. Number of companies in this space has increased substantially over the past few years. Some companies that started from incubation centres in academic institutions have been able to self-sustain in a very short span of time. Some of these have grown and reached out to different geographies with their products and have captured a significant market share.

The security product market in India is growing at a very rapid pace: companies are going against all odds in the ecosystem, and at the same time creating  healthy ecosystem for the new start-ups to emerge and grow in the domain.

avatar for Sandeep Singhal

Sandeep Singhal

Managing Director, Nexus India Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd
Sandeep Singhal co-founded Nexus Venture Partners (www.nexusvp.com) India’s leadingventure capital fund in 2006 along with other successful entrepreneurs with prior investingexperience. Nexus has close to $600 million under management and is a leading early stagefund in India. Nexus has an active portfolio of over 50 companies across the technology,consumer services, media, internet and mobile, alternate energy and agribusiness... Read More →

avatar for Bikash Barai

Bikash Barai

Co-founder, iViZ Security- Acquired by Cigital
Bikash is the co-founder iViZ - an IDG Ventures funded company which got acquired by Cigital Inc. iViZ was the first company in the world to take Ethical Hacking (or Penetration Testing) to the cloud.  Bikash has done Double B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur in 'Computer Science' (Hons) as well as 'Architecture' . He has also done Masters in 'Computer Science and Information Technology' from IIT. He is... Read More →
avatar for Karthik Sathuragiri

Karthik Sathuragiri

Director, Emerging Business, Asia Pacific, Akamai Technologies, Inc.
Karthik Sathuragiri is Director of Emerging Business & Inside Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan, at Akamai Technologies. In his current role, Karthik is responsible for revenue and growth strategies in the fast growing mid-market and startup segments for Akamai across Asia Pacific and Japan. Karthik has over 13 years of technology sales, marketing, product management and business development experience. Karthik joined Akamai in 2007 as a... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Hall 2 The Westin, Pune


Workshop: AI and Robotics
Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the world this century. This transition will be a "soft takeoff" in which many sectors of society update together in response to incremental AI developments, though the possibility of a harder takeoff in which a single AI project "goes foom" shouldn't be ruled out. If a rogue AI gained control of Earth, it would proceed to accomplish its goals by colonizing the galaxy and undertaking some very interesting achievements in science and engineering. On the other hand, it would not necessarily respect human values, including the value of preventing the suffering of less powerful creatures. Whether a rogue-AI scenario would entail more expected suffering than other scenarios is a question to explore further. Regardless, the field of AI ethics and policy seems to be a very important space where altruists can make a positive-sum impact along many dimensions. Expanding dialogue and challenging us-vs.-them prejudices could be valuable. This talk will cover various aspects of AI, its applications in different industries, its impact on economy /society and human beings, opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs, and few leading examples. A must attend talk to hear on AI where science and fiction meets together, from serial entrepreneur Akash Sureka, also known as “Father of Auto Search” who patented AI products revolutionizing smartphones as human beings in this space of AI.

avatar for Akash Surekha

Akash Surekha

Vice President, Mobility, Persistent Systems Limited
Akash comes with a strong mobility and IT background with about 15 years of varied experience in Global product companies– having worked on delivering global products for marquee companies like NVIDIA, Bilcare, Nokia & Motorola. Before venturing out to start-up an global product company around auto content discovery and technology, he spent a lot of time delivering consumer and business solutions to companies like Samsung, HTC, Toshiba... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 1:45pm - 4:00pm
Hall 1 The Westin, Pune


CIO Roundtable (by Invite Only)
By Invite Only

Thursday March 17, 2016 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Recharge The Westin Pune


Finance Clinic
avatar for Ashwini Dewan

Ashwini Dewan

Cofounder, CFO Connect
A veteran in the field of corporate finance, Ashwini has more than two decades of experience in the corporate sector. His forte is in providing organisations with strategic inputs on enhanced financial discipline, legal and statutory compliance, risk mitigation and financial controls. Ashwini has led finance, accounts, audit and commercial functions in range of companies including Price WaterHouse, Xansa, Venture Infotek and Parsec Technologies.

Thursday March 17, 2016 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Renew The Westin Pune


Maximise Profits by Defining Your Metrics at Every Step of Your Marketing

Introduction: While there is a pervasive need to validate marketing expenditures, this can ensue only when you establish a direct link between marketing metrics, customer value and company performance. Here’s how by defining and identifying the right metrics, you can maximize your profit margins multi-fold.

 5 most important metrics to keep track of: 

  • Sales by time period
  • Sales by product/service
  • Sales by lead sources
  • Revenue per sale
  • New v/s returning customer sales

avatar for Dr Som Singh

Dr Som Singh

Foudner, Unspun Marketing
Dr. Som Singh has relentlessly pursued her dream of simplifying management and marketing. She spent a decade in the corporate world, working as a marketing head with various multinational companies. She is now a start-up advisor, angel investor, Nasscom 10K, and Kyron Accelerator mentor and entrepreneur who founded Unspun Consulting Group, a technology-based marketing consulting firm. She also conceived the idea of Centre for Entrepreneurial... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Hall 3 The Westin Pune


Security Use Cases: What works and What Not?…Ideas, Innovation and their Commercialization

The emergence of cybersecurity startups has continued unabated as entrepreneurs vie for corporate customers seeking new technologies to battle ever increasing and innovative attackers.

The expertise of these new companies range from various improvements to encryption products to analyzing the wealth of security-incident data gathered from networks to gear that detects the potentially malicious wireless activity of Internet of Things devices.

But is expertise with a killer idea only success criteria? Number of these companies in this space has increased substantially over the past few years. Some companies that started from incubation centers in academic institutions have been able to self-sustain in a very short span of time. Some of these have grown and reached out to different geographies with their products and have captured a significant market share while others do not see the light of the day.

Various feature such as scalability of existing capabilities and the ability to diversify the array of solutions offered to the stakeholders holds the key to the survival and expansion of Security Product companies. Innovation to meet the market demand in efficient and effective manner is another critical factor to success of some of the organizations.

Curiosity raises a question that Why something works and other does not? What the key drivers and factors for success?

Budding entrepreneurs who are embarking on this journey may find the panel deliberation on these questions and valuable experience sharing, insightful and beneficial.

Discussion Points

  1. Why some security startups flourish and others fail
  2. Critical success factors beyond the killer idea
  3. Challenges faced with buyers, in comparison with established players
  4. Strategy to reposition, if something fails?


Jeet Vijay

CEO, Bhau Institute of Innovation(COEP)

avatar for Dhruv Khanna

Dhruv Khanna

CEO & Director, Data Resolve Technologies
With over 16 years of experience in Enterprise Security and Privacy Service Industry, Dhruv Khanna – an Executive Management Alumnus from IIMC, is successfully leading to build a robust environment to achieve a Cyber Secured Indian Market. Before joining Data Resolve, Dhruv was associated with IBM for six years as the India-South Asia Service Line Leader for security and privacy services.
avatar for Smita Yedekar

Smita Yedekar

Cofounder & CEO, 1mobility

Thursday March 17, 2016 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Hall 2 The Westin, Pune


License, Events per Second, Boxes, Storage, Professional Services…Different models of selling security products

Critical business systems and their associated technologies are typically held to performance benchmarks. In the security space, benchmarks of speed, capacity and accuracy are common for encryption, packet inspection, assessment, alerting and other critical protection technologies. Different models used by the security product companies are the capability of processing the number of events per second, storage and services offered to the customers for evaluation of the products and the measure to sell the different products available in the security market.

Changing models of products and service delivery in the security domain may contribute in success penetrating the market effectively. 



avatar for Vinayak Godse

Vinayak Godse

Senior Director, DSCI
As Senior Director–Data Protection at Data Security Council of India (DSCI), he manages DSCI programs, which include ‘Security and Privacy Education & Awareness’, ‘Policy Advocacy- engaging Governments and International Bodies’, ‘Content Research and Studies’, ‘Building Network of Security Professionals’, and ‘Cyber Lab Initiative for Capacity Building of law enforcement... Read More →

avatar for Debasish Pramanik

Debasish Pramanik

Founder, SysTools
Debasish Pramanik did his Master's in Computer Science from University of Pune. He then joined Assetlink a global leader for Marketing Operations Management. He was responsible for developing various modules for workflow management and marketing planning. He was also involved in re-architecting and re-designing the product on new platform.  | | He then started his own venture SysTools to provide simple and effective solution in the area... Read More →
avatar for Ashish Tandon

Ashish Tandon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Indusface
Ashish Tandon is a serial entrepreneur with a rare combination of strong technology understanding as well as management experience. Indusface under his able leadership as Chairman and CEO has been able to establish itself as a leading SaaS based Total Application Security Company having a global footprint, growing at over 100% YOY, profitable and debt free. Prior to founding Indusface, Ashish has successfully led several ventures in the area of... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 3:15pm - 4:00pm
Hall 2 The Westin, Pune


Evening Break
Thursday March 17, 2016 4:00pm - 4:30pm
Lobby The Westin Pune


Top 5 Product Showcase
Thursday March 17, 2016 4:30pm - 5:00pm
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune


Funding: The Beginning of a Journey, Not a Destination

When we think of entrepreneurship, we think of venture capitalists, angel investors, funding, and valuation. While access to capital is an important driver of the startup ecosystem, it's not central to it.

Disproportionate emphasis on funding has misled several entrepreneurs to believe that raising funds is their goal. Most entrepreneurs, upon funding, realize that it's not the bed of roses they dreamed of. In this talk, Ajeet Khurana will talk about funding, with an emphasis on life after funding.

avatar for Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana

Serial Entrepreneur
Ajeet Khurana wears many hats: author, angel investor, mentor, TEDx speaker, steering committee of the NASSCOM Start-Up Warehouse, Director of Founder Institute Mumbai, advisor with the seed initiative of a top Venture Capital firm, and former CEO of IIT Bombay’s business incubator, among others. Before all this, he was entrepreneurial twice in the field of education and web publishing. As a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 5:00pm - 5:20pm
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune


What's GenNext Looking Upto?
avatar for Ishita Katyal

Ishita Katyal

Ishita Katyal, all of 10 years believes there is so much out there in the environment for young people like herself to get inspired, imagine new things and start doing something creative at an early age. Ishita says that there should be nothing stopping a child from experimenting to do what they want to do in life and they should not wait to be an adult to follow their passion. | | Ishita is the youngest TEDxYouth organiser in the Asia-Pacific... Read More →

Thursday March 17, 2016 5:20pm - 5:40pm
Hall 1, 2 & 3 The Westin Pune